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This question is before the very elect of God.  The remnant are going to be tempted as Jesus was in the wilderness by the devil. The devil is trying right now to have us jump, when he says jump.  The question before all of us is, will you?  First, in his weakest moment, Jesus was tempted with food for his physical body.  The devil said to him, "Here is some food." The devil came to Him after He was so hungry and thirsty and weak, and tried to tempt him with food for his physical body.  But Jesus knew this and refused the food. Then the devil tried to make Jesus jump off the temple, and quoted scripture word for word.  But Jesus knew to not jump.  He waited on the Holy Spirit to speak, and followed the voice of his Father.  That is how we are to be.  The enemy will try to get us to jump before the Holy Spirit speaks, to move out of the will of God, and go before the Holy Spirit tells us to move.  So he can kill you.  That is how he works with the remnant and the elect now.  He wants us to move when the Holy Spirit is still and not speaking.  It is very dangerous to do this.

Jesus was tempted by the devil, wasn’t He?  And the devil knows scripture, and can quote it inside out.
The Devil said to Jesus, jump off that cliff, the angels will take care of you, they have charge over you.  Isn’t that what the scriptures say?  The devil says to Jesus, oh so religiously, trying to make him think he is not doing the will of God if he does not jump now.  Oh the devil is so sly, so slick.  He wants to devour you, if you let him.

The devil wanted Jesus to follow his words, and not the voice of the Holy Spirit.  This is a great lesson to be learned here.  We are not to jump off a moving train, just cause the devil says jump, you don’t go and jump.  You better know the voice of God, and wait on him, or you're going to be crushed by the moving train. We have to know the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking, or we will not be able to stand against the enemy in these last days.  To know when to go and when to stop is the most important thing, or we will play into the enemies hands.

That is the greatest lesson in walking in the Spirit, to know when to go and when not to go.  That is where the enemy tries to deceive us so many times.  And there are so many who do not even know the voice of God.  God is saying in these last days, He is looking for a people who will worship him in spirit and in truth.  We have to know His voice, to be able to discern His voice, that is what He wants us all to know.  To know His voice in the spirit.  To be able to discern His voice better than your own, that is what He is telling us there. His people do not know His voice.  They depend on their pastor to hear, or someone else to tell them, and that is not good enough for the times which are coming.  Each man will have to know the Father's voice.

Much Love in Him,
Gloria Shepherd
May 1, 1999

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